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At Merit Services, we’re making the hiring process faster and more efficient for employers with our trustworthy staffing solutions. Our recruiters are experienced professionals with expertise in a variety of industries and have access to a vast pool of top candidates in Canada, the UK, the USA, and Qatar.

We tailor our services to meet the unique needs of your organization, with a focus on finding the most skilled talent to fuel your growth. Partnering with Merit Services opens up endless opportunities for your business and gives you the ability to hire experienced professionals who can bring real value to your industry.

We take a personalized approach to the interview process. Our Talent Acquisition Team uses customized pre-screening questions for each role to gain a deeper understanding of the candidate beyond their resume. We carefully evaluate each applicant’s qualifications and adjust our pre-screening questions to fit their individual background. These pre-screening calls give us valuable insight into the candidate and we meticulously review our notes to prevent any hiring errors.

Our extensive talent pool speeds up your company’s talent acquisition process by providing a diverse selection of top-notch candidates. Our team efficiently screens candidates for skills, competencies, and experience, saving you time and money on job boards. Our commitment to diversity and alignment with our clients’ values and employment needs has made us a successful leader in the industry.

Employees are a key asset to any business and investing in their training and development leads to success and growth. Merit Services prioritizes employee development and has seen success with clients who invest in this area. Over 90% of employees stayed longer with clients who engaged in their career development. Merit Services helps clients in their professional growth by assisting with certifications and job licenses necessary for onboarding.

Merit Services values fairness for both employees and employers and conducts salary evaluations based on job title, market value, budget, experience, and performance. Our goal is to ensure employees receive appropriate pay and benefits, and salary review is a crucial step in the onboarding process. We advise clients that regular salary reviews improve employee retention, engagement, productivity, and work performance, creating a healthy workplace environment. Your trust is our confidence.

Merit Services provides thorough reference checks to help assess a candidate’s past and present performance. We verify information, gather additional details, and rank candidates to aid in the hiring decision, all at no charge. Our reference checks assist in determining a candidate’s fit for the role and protect against negligent and wrongful hiring.

At Merit Services, we are committed to unlocking your company’s potential through our Direct Placement solutions. Our unmatched expertise in staffing and recruitment, combined with our extensive talent pool and thorough interview process, allows us to bring the best candidates to your organization. Our recruiters work tirelessly to find the ideal match for your team, and our focus on employee development ensures that your hires are equipped to succeed in today’s competitive environment. Partner with us to overcome the challenges of talent acquisition and reach new heights of success.

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We offer staffing solutions for short-term, long-term, contract, and permanent positions. Our recruiters maintain a database of remote and on-site workers to match your needs. We tailor our services to your specific requirements and can provide one worker or an entire team quickly. Our process efficiently matches you with skilled talent for contract or permanent positions, leading to successful team building.

Comprehensive HR solutions, including payroll management. Our team of accounting professionals handle employee payrolls with precision and ensure timely payment with correct deductions and withhold taxes. Let us ease your payroll stress while you focus on growing your business. We verify employee hours and promptly resolve any payroll issues. Trust us to manage your employee payrolls with sincerity.

Merit Services’ workplace safety program ensures a secure working environment. Our objective is to provide a safe, healthy, and productive workplace. We develop and put into action plans to ensure a secure working environment, and we carry out safety audits to find gaps in health and safety program compliance, expose potential health concerns, and assess improvement opportunities. You can anticipate fewer accidents and injuries, lower risk, enhanced productivity, a better reputation, less legal action, higher staff morale, and better decision-making with our assistance.

Merit Services provides a comprehensive orientation program for new hires to understand the organization and their role. This includes an overview of policies, procedures, culture, and values, along with job-specific expectations and social interaction policies. We aim to boost employee confidence and productivity by addressing both professional and social aspects. Our team provides feedback and survey options during the first three weeks of employment to identify and address any concerns early on. Our expert professionals support every step of the way, making the hiring process easier for you.

Merit Services provides complete background check services to assist you in making informed hiring decisions. Our background checks are thorough, accurate, and kept confidential. We gather information from reliable sources to produce detailed reports that highlight any important findings. No matter what you want to verify, whether it’s criminal history, employment history, or education credentials, we have you covered.

We provide professional termination support, following employment law and handling the situation with care. Our services include assessing the risk, coordination of outplacement services, guidance throughout the process, conducting termination meetings, determining severance pay, creating termination letters, and creating termination checklists. We aim to minimize any negative impact and make the process smoother for both the employer and employee.

At Merit Services, we are passionate about providing our clients with top-notch staffing solutions that cater to all their HR needs. These include temporary to permanent skilled workers, payroll services, orientation, background checks, and termination management. Our experienced recruiters offer flexible staffing solutions to meet client needs. Merit Payroll Services ensures timely salary payment with correct deductions, while Merit Orientation boosts new hire confidence and productivity. With our professional background checks, you can be assured of hiring the right candidate with all the relevant details of their history verified. We understand that terminating an employee is a difficult decision, and that is why our Termination Management services are designed to support you throughout the process and make sure that everything is handled professionally and legally. Hire with confidence and peace of mind with Merit Services.

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Our Industries

Our industry specialists are equipped to deliver best-in-class staffing solutions that align with your specific needs. Get in touch with us today to discover how our expertise and understanding of your industry can support your hiring efforts.

Our Industries

Our industry specialists are equipped to deliver best-in-class staffing solutions that align with your specific needs. Get in touch with us today to discover how our expertise and understanding of your industry can support your hiring efforts.