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Canada is the world’s fourth-largest producer of oil and the sixth-largest producer of natural gas. Oil and natural gas are important primary fuel sources all over the world. Handling these natural resources necessitates sophisticated procedures and cutting-edge technologies. Such technological developments are dependent on the team assembled and their ability to climb the technical development ladder.

Merit Services works with clients in this area all around the world. Merit’s global operation in this field has provided a significant edge to our clients globally. Our recruiting team focuses on offering active employees to suit the employer’s economic demands by supplying great talent for jobs such as:

Example Roles:

– Drilling Engineers/ Drilling Supervisors/Drillers
– Sub-sea Engineers
– Subsurface and Completions Engineer
– Pipeline and Piping Engineers
– Offshore Maintenance Technicians
– Petroleum Engineers
– Well Intervention Specialists
– Offshore Rig Managers
– Reservoir Engineers
– Production Technicians

– Petroleum Geologists
– Production Superintendents
– Rig Mechanics
– Production Engineers
– Field Supervisors
– Supply Chain Managers
– Health and Safety Managers
– Quality Control Technicians
– Drilling Operations Managers
– Geophysical Technicians and more…

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Merit Services is committed to delivering helpful services and information to oil and gas employers. We realize the necessity of remaining current with industry trends and advancements as a leading source of workforce solutions. That is why we provide a variety of blog posts for employers to read, covering a variety of issues connected to the oil and gas industry. Our blog entries give interesting and instructive insights on this dynamic business, ranging from the most recent drilling techniques to the influence of new technology. With such information accessible, we urge employers to visit our blog to remain up to date on the newest trends and best practices in the oil and gas industry.