About Us

My parents taught me: "When
there's no door, build a door."

- Mohammed Anwar, CEO

merit services CEO

My parents taught me​:

"When there's no door,
build a door."

Mohammed Anwar, CEO

merit services CEO

Struggle To Success

While this may seem like just another story, it's the reality of my life - a story that inspires. In this challenging world, achieving dreams might seem impossible but the reality is that anything can be accomplished if we put 100% effort to it. I came to Canada as a refugee with nothing but dreams.

I delivered pizzas, drove taxi, and even worked as a houseman among multiple other jobs to earn a living. While experiencing hardships I decided to not let new immigrants go through the struggle that I had to.

I was determined on the lesson learned from my parents, "When there's no door, build a door." This led to the foundation of Merit Services, a company that connects candidates to their dream jobs.

To date, Merit Services has placed thousands of candidates on various positions across Canada, U.S. and U.K. We focus on building connections, inspiring lives and contributing to your growth.

- Mohammed Anwar
Founder & CEO

About Merit Services

We pride ourselves in being a Human Resources company that excels at what we do. We are always willing to go above and beyond for you. Merit Services was started to make jobs more accessible, easier to obtain, and better to understand. We connect employers and candidates using our advanced HR services to allow businesses all across Canada to focus on their work.

Jobs Made Simple.

Learn how we make jobs simple for both employers and job seekers.

Job Seekers

We provide an assortment of jobs across different sectors to ensure what you are looking for can be delivered. We create pathways to ensure you will ultimately find the job you desire.



We provide HR services such as recruitment, payroll and business development services that make growing your company easier than ever.

Why Choose Us?


Easy to use search engine with straightforward services.


We work around the clock to get you what you need!


We love what we do and care about our customers.

Do What You Love

“Being employed by such a great company has so many great advantages; being able to have flexibility in my work and lifestyle.”
Jasmin Chadhary, Operational Manager
“As a student and an employee with Merit Services, I have been provided with a great experience in the HR world and beyond that."
Harleen Rehill, Human resources Intern
“Merit Services is one of the best employment agencies our there with co-operative staff and great opportunity to get permanent jobs.
Prashant KP,
Health and Safety Inspector