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International shipping is responsible for 90% of trade in the world; hence, it can be referred to as the backbone of the global economy. Seaborne business is constantly expanding, with over 50,000 merchant ships involved in international trade. Therefore, the global maritime market is an ever-growing sector with diverse employment opportunities. Such clients are always on the hunt to fulfill various roles in marine crew and management.

Since an abundant workforce supply is essential to an industry of this scale, cutting-edge research done by Merit services is key to fulfilling the ongoing workforce demands here. We promote careers at sea and assist in maritime education, so our clients are always well-staffed. Merit’s recruitment team has provided a skilled workforce to cover positions including:


Example Roles:

– Custom officer
– Deck Cadet
– Deck Officer
– Engineer Officer
– Marine Pilot
– Marine Surveyor
– Merchant Mariners
– Able Seaman
– Bosun
– Captain
– Chief Engineer

– Chief Mate
– First Officer
– Harbor Pilot
– Marine Biologist
– Marine Electrician
– Marine Mechanic
– Nautical Surveyor
– Navigational Officer
– Port Captain
– Second Engineer
– Third Officer and more…

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Merit Services is dedicated to providing employers in the global marine industry with up-to-date information. We have a number of blog posts that offer insights and information on the industry, as well as the many jobs and positions available within it. Employers who read these blog posts will be able to remain up to date on the most recent developments and recognize the trends, problems, and opportunities in the sector. Our blogs are a great place to start whether you are wanting to employ top talent or just obtain a deeper understanding of the business. And with so much more to uncover, you may always find something fresh and interesting to read.