Merit Services recognizes the expanding importance of the pharmaceutical business in Canada, as well as the growing demand for qualified personnel. Our team is committed to supplying excellent talent to fulfill the demands of this dynamic and ever-changing profession.

We specialize in locating professionals with a demonstrated track record of success in product development and a commitment to product safety, with a concentration on the pharmaceutical sector. Our hiring procedure is thorough and purposeful, ensuring that we only hire the most qualified and experienced applicants.

From Senior Piping Designers to Marketing Managers, our team has a record of successfully placing top performers in a wide range of positions within the industry. This includes but is not limited to Pharmacists, Laboratory Analysts, Quality Managers and Auditors, Quality Control Lab Managers, R&D Technicians, and Product Design Engineers.

If you are looking to grow your team and stay ahead of the competition, trust Merit Services to help you find the top talent you need to succeed in the pharmaceutical industry.

Example Roles:

– Medical Science Liaison (MSL)
– CQV Project Manager
– Product Design Engineer
– Pharmacist
– Laboratory Analyst
– Quality Manager and Auditor
– Quality control Lab Managers
– R&D Technicians
– Marketing Managers

– Research & Development (R&D) Scientist
– Quality Control (QC) Chemist
– Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
– Clinical Research Associate (CRA)
– Regulatory Affairs Specialist
– Product Manager
– Formulation Scientist
– Drug Safety Specialist
– Manufacturing Pharmacist and more…

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