An increase in the aging population accompanied by emerging diseases in the past few years has addressed the heightened importance of healthcare in Canada. The demand for pharmaceutical products is increasing with the expansion of healthcare provision. Sales in this sector make Canada the 9TH largest market in the world. Career opportunities are also projected to grow in the upcoming years. The pharmaceutical sector focuses on product development while emphasizing the product’s safety. These processes require companies to look for qualified and experienced candidates. We recruit top performers in the field by hunting for pre-eminent talent. By strategically hiring talented candidates, Merit services has a record of recruitment of individuals that have demonstrated mastery in all aspects of the duties assigned, including but not limited to:

– Senior Piping Designer

– CQV Project Manager

– Product Design Engineer

– Pharmacist

– Laboratory Analyst

– Quality Manager and Auditor

– Quality control Lab Managers

– R&D Technicians

– Marketing Managers

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