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The second largest manufacturing industry in Canada and continuing to grow… one can quickly determine that this industry recruits a labor force which is no less in size than any other. Consumer behaviours continue to evolve. This requires candidates that are willing to perform duties in ever-changing environments. It is also crucial to look for leaders in the field who possess diverse skills and experience from production to distribution and sales.

 Merit services is proud to be able to serve its clients in the food and beverage production sector. We have a diverse network of professionals in our candidate pool that can be resourceful in playing a strategic role in the clients’ growth. We offer them the most resourceful workforce solutions in the recruitment process by hiring candidates that include but are not limited to:

Example Roles:


– Quality Control Technicians
– Packaging Technicians
– Sanitation Specialists
– Production Supervisors
– Food Safety Specialists
– Logistics Coordinators
– Maintenance Mechanics
– Ingredient Purchasing Agents
– Food Scientists
– Brand Managers

– HACCP professionals
– Shippers/Receivers
– Machine Operators
– Sales and Marketing Professionals
– Distribution Managers
– New Product Development Managers
– Customer Service Representatives
– Warehouse Managers
– Regional Sales Managers
– Market Analysts and more…

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