Recruiting Challenges and it’s Solution

Recruiting Challenges and how to overcome these recruiting challenges

Recruiting in a fast-paced era is challenging. Amidst all the post-pandemic chaos, hiring managers have encountered a new set of recruiting challenges. Sourcing and hiring diverse talent is difficult and take time, money and resources.

Building a recruiting strategy based on your company’s goals and mission is challenging. Understanding your goals and tailoring your hiring strategies is one of the best ways to hire employees.

What are some of the Recruitment Challenges and how do you Overcome them?

Breaking through the Clutter

Attracting a diverse talent pool can be exhausting. Finding the proper advertising channels and the correct language to attract suitable candidates is complicated, even with a clear hiring strategy standing out among thousands of job postings. Determining the right balance between content and channels is critical to differentiate yourselves. Diversifying your hiring platforms, including social media and job fairs, can help you stand out.

Assessment and Elimination

Screening through and identifying the right candidate is one of the most common recruiting challenges. It can be hard going through hundreds of resumes and deciphering which is the right fit for the company. Not to mention, it can be tough to test if the candidate is capable of handling the position and if their technical abilities, skills and behaviour align with the company’s objective. Understand what skills are necessary or align with your needs and then prioritise that. Between your instincts and several skill assessment tools readily available, you can successfully decide on the candidate’s ability. Using an ATS system can help you streamline and make hiring decisions faster.

Lack of Technical Knowledge

This high-volume recruiting challenge trumps most hiring managers. To provide a good candidate experience, you need to be able to explain the candidate’s responsibilities and answer all of the candidate’s questions. Especially when you’re trying to sell to a passive candidate, it is necessary to understand the role and intricacies to attract the candidate properly.


Qualified or talented candidates have multiple offers and are sought out by many companies. You need to provide the candidate with a reason for choosing your company. Engaging a candidate throughout the hiring process can be tricky. Additionally, retaining their attention throughout the process is the key to engaging the candidate.

Diversity and Inclusion

Poor hiring strategies lead to several biases and is a major recruiting challenge. Hiring objectively can adversely affect your team. It can sometimes be hard to put away your preferences or inadvertently develop a prejudice. Promoting a diverse group is not only necessary but also beneficial for your company’s potential growth. Providing training to hiring managers to combat biases and hidden prejudices is essential. Teaching them to communicate and build rapport will help recruiters improve their hiring skills.

Retention through Onboarding

After all the time and resources you spent finding the right candidate, it is also essential to maintain the relationship. Ensuring a successful onboarding is the first step in retaining your employees. Nearly 10% of the employees left their companies due to poor onboarding experience. As a matter of fact, a good onboarding will help you retain the employee and increase the likelihood of them referring your company.

All in all, finding new talent and recruiting is challenging. Keeping up-to-date with the latest news and strategies will help you overcome these challenges. Merit Services is one of the best employment agencies in Toronto to help you with your staffing and other concerns.

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