Junior Marketing Coordinator

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Job Description

INDUSTRY: Business


Merit Services is seeking an experienced Junior Marketing Coordinator for our client. The incumbent will be responsible for organizing and carrying out marketing plans across various communication channels and supporting marketing campaigns and events.


• Attending corporate meetings and studying monthly sales figures will teach you marketing and brand strategy approaches.
• To ensure campaign deliverability, cultivate excellent relationships with internal and external peers.
• To raise brand recognition, control the geographical market and the customer database.
• Clarifies customer requests to provide product, promotion, and pricing information. Maintains a professional demeanor and look.
• Learn everything you can about the company’s bonus programs, routes of contact, procedures for ensuring quality, and any applicable regulations.
• Following company duplicating policies, becoming familiar with all statistical guidelines, and putting training into practice to meet and surpass sales standards.


• Marketing, communications, or advertising degree
• 1-3 years of experience in advertising, branding, strategy coordination, sales, or marketing
• Strong communication skills with a friendly demeanor.
• High standards for work ethic and ambition.
• Can comfortably interact with customers, clients, and other team members.
• Capacity to implement constructive feedback as well as the drive to develop constantly.
• Excellent communication abilities, understanding of marketing tactics.
• High moral and fundamental professional standards.
• Meticulous organizational abilities and a business structure.