Embedded Firmware Developer

Full Time posted 4 months ago

Job Description



Merit Services is seeking an Embedded Firmware Developer for our client. The incumbent will be responsible for conceptualizing, creating, validating, and sustaining firmware that manages diverse hardware gadgets. 


  • Create and advance embedded software for diverse pieces of equipment like microcontrollers, detectors, and additional accessories.
  • Produce code that is both clear, optimal, and adaptable using the C and C++ programming languages.
  • Employ hardware debuggers and software tools to debug and test firmware.
  • Collaborate with hardware designers to ensure that firmware is compatible with hardware devices.
  • Work together with teams from different departments to create a list of requirements and specifications for the system.
  • Take part in code reviews as a means of assuring the quality of the code and its adherence to established coding guidelines.
  • Keep yourself informed on the latest advancements in embedded systems and firmware development.


  • An undergraduate or graduate degree in the fields of Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or any related area.
  • Possess more than three years of experience in developing firmware for embedded systems.
  • Skilled in programming languages such as C and C++.
  • Proficiency in the development of firmware for microcontrollers, sensors, and various other peripherals.
  • A strong understanding of hardware debugging tools and software programs including JTAG, GDB, and Eclipse.
  • Comprehension of principles for designing hardware and circuits comprising electronic components.
  • Outstanding proficiency in resolving complex issues and meticulousness in paying attention to particulars.
  • Excellent abilities in effective communication and teamwork.

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