CNC Operator

Contract posted 4 months ago

Job Description

INDUSTRY: Manufacturing

Merit Services is seeking a CNC Operator to join our client’s dynamic team in Calgary. As a CNC Operator will be instrumental in the manufacturing process by operating computer numerical control (CNC) machines.


    • Smartly paraphrased: Establish and manage CNC machinery to carry out accurate machining assignments.
    • Decipher technical illustrations, schematics and directives in order to identify necessary machining needs.
    • Effectively position workpieces in CNC machines during loading and unloading while guaranteeing precise alignment.
    • Oversee the functions of the machine to guarantee the appropriate cutting instruments and velocities are employed.
    • Ensure precise and high-quality output by modifying machine configurations as required.
    • Perform regular upkeep and sanitation on CNC equipment.
    • Thoroughly check the quality of completed goods and implement necessary alterations or modifications.
    • To ensure a secure work atmosphere, it is imperative to adhere to safety protocols and guidelines.
    • Work alongside colleagues to solve problems and enhance manufacturing procedures.
    • Maintain precise records of production information and document all modifications and configurations of machinery.


  • A high school diploma or an equivalent qualification is necessary.
  • Having prior experience in the operation of CNC machines is highly desirable.
  • Excellent grasp of CNC programming and machining fundamentals.
  • Skilled in comprehending and deciphering technical sketches and plans related to the field of engineering.
  • Smartly paraphrasing, the text could read as: Proficiency in operating and upkeeping CNC machinery.
  • A fundamental comprehension of machining apparatus, machinery, and substances.
  • Having a keen eye for details and possessing the capacity to uphold precision in machining assignments.
  • Excellent abilities to find solutions and fix issues.
  • Proficient communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively as a team.
  • Capability to operate autonomously and adhere to guidelines.


  • An all-inclusive set of benefits is provided, encompassing medical, dental, and vision expenses.
  • A retirement savings plan that includes contributions from the employer.
  • Various chances to upgrade and expand one’s skills and career.
  • A secure and welcoming place to work.

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