How to Identify and Retain Top Talent?

Identifying top talent and retaining the right candidate

The success of a company or a brand depends heavily on talent. Identifying top talent and recognizing their potential will not only help the company perform better but will also positively affect the long-term business goals. Steering away from outdated hiring methods will also help you find and build a diverse top-performing team.

Choosing the right candidate for the job can be tricky. From identifying the right candidate to retaining top talent, you must consider several aspects to find the right candidate for the job. Recognizing the trait and skills that will complement your brand or company is imperative. Pinpointing the necessary skill or characteristics to propel your company to the next level is the first step towards identifying top talent.

How to identify the right candidate for a job?

  • Recognizing the Trait: Apart from experience and performance, traits and skills are necessary deciding factors. Recognising and identifying these traits like positivity, attention to detail, adaptability and innovation will help you pick the right candidate for the job. Learning if the candidate has behaviours and characteristics like effective communication skills, commitment, and leadership will help you hire the right person for the job.
  • Valuable Skills in the Industry: Many hiring managers pour their energy into finding candidates with the most technical skills. Even though technical know-how is crucial, you should take a step back and focus on the candidate as an entirety. Taking a myopic look at a candidate’s academic and professional credentials can hurt your chances of identifying top talent.
  • Defining the Candidate’s Competency: When in doubt, take your notebook out! Simply put, noting down what candidates have to offer can help you narrow down your leads. Identifying the right person among the hundreds of applications on your desk can be nerve-wracking. You can whittle down your number by compartmentalizing the attributes without losing the right candidate.
  • Look within the Company: Studies show that new hires take longer to adjust to the role than internal hires. This process will helps you identify the top talent faster and also help you improve retention and increase loyalty.

However, it’s about more than just attracting the right candidate; it’s also about retaining top talent.

How to Retain the Best Employees?

  • From silent quitting to globalization, developing and retaining employees has become more complex and challenging. Amidst the chaos, companies are grappling to hold on to their current employees while trying to find new talent to help them succeed in their business goals. Employers worldwide struggle to keep up with changes and fail to adapt quickly. Altering your talent management and acquisition strategies can help you retain top talent.
  • Growth Opportunities: Investing in your employee’s growth is a crucial deciding factor for the employee. By acknowledging their work and providing constructive feedback, you can improve employee morale, ultimately affecting their resolve to stay with the company.
  • Transparent Communication: Conveying all the information to your employee is crucial. Having an open channel for communication leads to better employee-employer relationships, thus resulting in prolonged retention.
  • Safe and Productive Work Environment: According to a survey by Deloitte, over 46% of GenZ and 45% of millennials feel burned out due to the lack of a safe work environment. By creating a friendly and creative environment, you can foster growth and innovation.

Finally, sourcing and identifying the right candidate can be tricky. We here at Merit Services will help you identify the right candidate to help propel your business to the next level.

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