A Guide to Employee Training

A Guide to Employee Training: don’t just hire, retain

Recruiting and developing a strong workforce is critical for companies to succeed in the long run. As simple as it sounds, it can become quite challenging to establish a talent management system that can help attract top talent, effectively screen applicants, and offer training that enables employees to perform at their best once they are hired. A talent management strategy should incorporate human resource practices that help companies build strong relationships with prospective candidates at all stages of the recruitment process. This way potential employees are more likely to accept job offers when they become available. While hiring the right talent is crucial, companies must avoid losing valuable employees to competitors.

Here, we are sharing our 5-step strategy, based on years of team management experience of our Human Resource Consultancy, which may aid exponential growth for your company in 2023:

    • Identify current employees’ strengths, weaknesses, and potential areas of growth: This will help you understand your employees better. This analysis can also be useful in assigning workload.

    • Enable a 90-day review process with new hires to continue to seek their feedback on the position acquired: This shall contribute towards the improvement of your team and your organization as a whole.

    • Provide ongoing training based on individual needs, interests, and goals: This step will help you maximize the productivity by enabling the team to stay up-to-date with current knowledge and trends.

    • Develop a career path for each employee that aligns with their personal goals:  Tracking a road map of individual skills and goals can help in decisions for progression pathways that act as a major motivation for employees.

    • Appreciate employee efforts and achievements: This, seemingly simple step, directly translates to employees’ level of job satisfaction and performance at the workplace.

While much of this advice applies to any business, regardless of industry or size, the larger a company is the more likely it is that you’ll encounter multiple departments with their HR policies and unique challenges. However, regardless your company-scale, the best way to make sure that your talent management strategy has a real impact on employee retention and performance is by developing and modifying to suit your organization structure.

The aforementioned talent management program will help encourage employee growth and give them opportunities to learn new skills while helping them stay engaged with your business’ direction. You can get in touch with our HR professionals to create a plan to suit your individual requirements. Email to inquire at info@meritservicesltd.ca or call (289)378-5341

By – Harmandeep Kaur

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