Identifying Candidates in Cannabis Industry

Identifying the right Candidates in Cannabis Industry

Every company goes about identifying talent differently. The hiring strategies and processes vary based on the industry or sector they cater to. The leadership and the company’s core value drive the recruiting manager’s approach to bring in new talent.

The recent boom in the cannabis sector in Canada has led to the opening of new positions. Even so, the not-so-legal past of the industry tends to scare away talent. So how can you overcome the challenges of identifying and hiring new talent in the cannabis industry?

Here are some solutions you can implement to help you find the right candidate.

Transparency in Cannabis Industry

Especially in a grey sector like the cannabis industry, it is essential to reiterate your company’s core values and mission. Taking the time to explain these objectives will help set a precedent. Providing context about the legal structure and policies will foster understanding and excitement in the candidate. Educating the candidates instead of stepping around it will assure them of your company’s commitment and cement their convictions. Rushing into the hiring process without fully explaining their position, role, and responsibility in the company will adversely hurt you in the long run.

Focus on the Skills

Finding someone with enough experience in the same industry can be hard. You may not always luck out on finding a candidate with enough prior experience in the cannabis industry. Instead of focusing on relevant skills, look for portable skills from other industries that can be easily implemented in the cannabis industry. Furthermore, testing their behavioral and soft skills will help you understand if the candidate can handle the responsibilities and fit into the company culture.

Professionalism in Cannabis Industry

The stigma around the cannabis sector leads both recruiters and candidates to become disillusioned about the company’s goals and objectives. The level of professionalism with which you approach a candidate can adversely affect your chances. Make sure always to stay professional and set boundaries to help maintain standards and uphold the company values.

Explain Your Mission

The felonious past of the cannabis industry leads to several misconceptions or ideas. The candidate’s prejudice against the industry could adversely affect your hiring. Take your time and explain the working of the company. This will not only reduce the candidate’s hesitancy to work in the industry but will also help you engage better.

Provide Training

Due to the recency of the industry, not many people would have relevant skills. It’s imperative to not only cast a wider net but also provide proper training so the candidate can succeed in their role. The candidate’s lack of knowledge of the company’s operations will hinder their ability tackles situations. Training the candidate with all the knowledge necessary will help you retain the employee.
Exploit external resources: Ultimately, hiring in any industry can be difficult, especially in the cannabis industry. Identifying, hiring and retaining potential employees will take time, effort and other resources. We here at Merit Services can help you tap into a large pool of potential candidates in various roles. Our recruiters are trained in identifying the best talent suited for your company.

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