How to Build Your Professional Brand?

How to Build Your Professional Brand?

Gone are the days when employees were just a number on your spreadsheet. Employees can make or break an organization. That is to say; a professional brand is a necessary weapon in your hunt to find a job.

You may assume that building a brand is limited to influencers and celebrities. Well, then, you’re sadly mistaken. In the grossly digital era we’re living in, people or recruiters want to see what makes you unique. A professional brand is the best way for them to gauge your abilities.

Companies are now looking further than just skills and qualifications. As a matter of fact, hiring managers are more likely to hire you based on your professional brand.

What is a Professional Brand?

It is basically a culmination of your core values, goals, skills, and expertise. As a matter of fact, your professional brand is similar to that of any company’s brand. Cultivate your in-person and online presence to match your expertise and qualification. You must build your brand with the same aggressive positive attitude that most organizations use to build a successful reputation.

Tips for Developing your Brand

I understand that building a professional brand is time-consuming and would more likely take a big chunk of your well-deserved free time. However, think of it as an investment for your future. Building a professional brand will help you stand out and cultivate your career goals.

Identify your Persona: Your first step in your journey to building a brand that represents you professionally is figuring out who you are. Find your specific niche and then develop your persona around it. Align both your personal and professional interests to reflect your identity. Show your unique perspective and how it would impact the world and organizations.

Determine your Audience: Now that you’ve established your niche and your persona, you need to develop the content for your personal brand. In order to do so, you need to define your audience. Who are these individuals, potential employers or recruiters that would be interested in your brand? Recognizing this will help you craft the story for that demographic.

Networking with Industry Peers: You’re building your professional brand to stand out. Understanding and knowing what thought leaders and other experts in your industry are doing will give you an edge. It will help you understand and map out the necessary data required to be successful in that industry.

Leverage Social Media Platforms: According to a survey from Betterteam, about 70% of hiring managers hired a candidate successfully through social media platforms. Social media recruiting is rapidly growing, and recruiters are always finding passive or active candidates through social media channels. Your online presence is crucial to attracting the right audience. Creating an engaging online persona and tailoring your content to suit the platform and audience will help you stand out. Social media is a significant part of an effective personal brand, and you must take care to portray yourself properly.

Be yourself and Adapt: At the end of the day, don’t lose yourself in the process. Remember, it’s your professional brand and needs to embody your identity. Flaunt your skills and expertise. Whether in person or online, know your worth and remember that you deserve nothing but the best. Ultimately don’t forget to adapt to the environment. We live in a fast-paced world that changes quickly, make sure to alter your brand with the changing tides.

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