Top 5 Healthcare Jobs in Demand 2023

Top 5 Healthcare Jobs in Demand 2023

Jobs in the healthcare demand have seen a considerable increase since the pandemic. Additionally, the job vacancy in the healthcare and social assistance sector had over 150100 vacancies, with a 9.3% in the third quarter of 2021. Most careers in the healthcare sector are not only rewarding and fulfilling but also are one of the most profitable sectors in the Canadian job market.

Especially in Canada, where most of the population is now falling under the senior citizen’s bracket, we’re seeing massive pressure on the healthcare system. Both the government and private sectors are generating more vacancies to ease this demands. Here are some of the jobs in the healthcare system that are in demand in the current setting and are predicted to grow in the coming years.

1. Registered Nurse:

You must either have a bachelor’s degree in nursing from a Canadian university or an international equivalent to qualify for this job. These healthcare workers are required in hospitals, patient’s homes, long-term care facilities, and clinics. Their responsibilities vary from place to place but usually revolve around identifying and resolving the patient’s needs and supporting the physician. Their average salary in Canada is between $27.03 and $49.00 in Canada as of 2022.

2. Physiotherapist:

From promoting wellness to increasing mobility, a physiotherapist support individuals with various injuries or pain. The baby booming generation, which makes up the majority of Canada’s Population, is putting huge pressure on the healthcare sector. The role has a massive scope in the healthcare sector and is rapidly growing due to the baby boomer generation. Evaluation and intervention are critical responsibilities of this position. The median salary for a physiotherapist in Canada with a few years of experience is around $47.42 per hour.

3. Medical and Health Services Manager:

These professionals don’t necessarily have to have a medical degree to start. They’re individuals in charge of coordinating and managing clinical areas or departments in various settings. In essence, they’re the backbone of all smooth-functioning medical clinics or hospitals. The Canadian average salary for a Medical and Health Services Manager is $83,586 annually.

4. Clinical Assistant:

From creating a positive environment to scheduling a clinical assistant is responsible for managing and maintaining various functions. Unquestionably, the demand for this position is high and is predicted to grow at a rapid rate. The average salary for a clinical assistant in Canada is around $46,010.

5. Pharmacist:

This healthcare professional is among the highest-paid healthcare workers. The main responsibilities involve advising, prescribing, and warning people about medications and their side effects. You would require a 4-year professional degree in Pharmacy and be licensed to work as in this profession. Pharmacists make somewhere around $101,297 per year in Canada.

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