CIBC, My Trusted Financial Partner!

It is certainly in times of adversity, we realize who are true allies are. The year 2020 dawned upon various walks of life with atypical surprises. One of the biggest challenges was sustaining businesses in such testing times. Being affected by such a scenario not only took a toll on our physical and mental health but also on our finances.

Running my business operations, managing my team, narrowing down pressing business matters was extremely challenging. I, being small business owner, had to strategize in a very limited time, with a proactive approach to address the testing issue. It was, however, only through perseverance and the help of my support system at CIBC that my business’s ship sailed safely through those turbulent waters.

Instead of racking my brain alone, I decided to sit down with my CIBC Business Banking team to find a befitting solution to sustain the business that is my brainchild, my dream and my years of hard work.  My CIBC Financial Advisor guided me with comprehensive strategies to avoid soaring debt by partnering with Business Banking to help me out with my financial business needs. CIBC updated me about loan that helped me manage my cash flow. They devised an all-inclusive plan for me to utilize the funds and sources of income at hand to best sustain my business.  They seamlessly made my banking simple and reduced interest payments and fees. Following their valued advice, I came back into business stronger than before, that too with bigger dreams and higher aims. I strongly endorse CIBC Business Banking for taking care of my financial health; giving me peace of mind and helping me get back in the game.

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