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Question 1: WHMIS is -----
Workplace transportation guideEnvironmental systemWorkplace hazardous materials information systemWorkplace hazardous waste disposal system

Question 2: WHMIS has 3 main communication components. They are:
Labels, MSDS, and trainingReading, writing and labelingHeating, waste and storageStickers, shipping and storage

Question 3: How often do MSDS sheets need to be replaced?
Every yearEvery 3 yearsEvery 5 yearsWhen needed

Question 4: A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) contains information on the following:
Hazardous ingredientsToxicological InformationPhysical PropertiesAll of the above

Question 5: A chemical’s characteristics (odor, appearance, etc) will be listed on the MSDS

Reactivity dataPhysical dataProduct identifierToxicological properties

Question 6: Personal protective equipment (PPE) that is recommended on a MSDS:
Should be ignoredDoes not have to be maintainedMust be available and used by employees when requiredDoes not have to be available on the unit

Question 7: Which of the following is a concern when using respirators:
It has to fit properlyIt has to be cleaned regularlyThe filter type must match the hazardAll of the above

Question 8: The WHMIS symbol for compressed gas is:
“T” in a circlea cylinder in a circlea flame in a triangle“G” in a circle

Question 9: The statement is FALSE regarding acute and chronic health effects:
Acute refers to sudden or brief effectsChronic relates to long term or prolonged effectsMore information is known about acute effects than chronic effectsMSDS’s include information on how to treat chronic health effects

Question 10: Supplier labels must be written in:
EnglishFrenchBoth English and FrenchNone of the above

Question 11: By law, how many items of information are required on a workplace label?

Question 12: The ultimate goal of WHMIS is to reduce injuries and illnesses associated with
chemical exposures in the workplace.


Question 13: In the workplace, I don’t need to understand WHMIS.

Question 14: Suppliers are not responsible for providing a MSDS.

I hereby declare that I have read and thoroughly understood the WHMIS training, answered the quiz to the best of my knowledge.

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I hereby certify that I will not accept any offer from the Company directly without the consent of Merit Services.

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