Tips To Ace Virtual Interviews

Since lockdown began virtual interviews have become the norm for recruiters. Even though virtual interviews are conducted in a similar way as face-to-face interviews, more technological adjustments need to be taken into consideration while doing virtual interviews. We at Merit would like to help you ace these virtual interviews by just following some easy steps.
Firstly, always check your Wi-Fi, camera, and microphone before joining the virtual meeting. Standing out in an online interview is very important and for the candidate to do so they need to check all their technological requirements 15-20 minutes before the interview.
Secondly, research about the company’s culture beforehand and dress accordingly for the interview. Even if you are unsure about the culture, wear business casual clothes to leave a good impression on the interviewers. This will show that you are excited and confident about the job.
Thirdly, research about the company as well as the recruiter, plan the answers to commonly asked questions or any questions related to the job description or experiences that can be asked beforehand only. Always provide relevant examples and experiences while answering these questions.
Lastly, Work on your body language, even if you get an unexpected or hard question don’t let your confidence shake off. Remain calm take a few seconds to think of an answer. Maintain proper eye contact during the interview, show enthusiasm by smiling or nodding. Be authentic and try building a rapport with the interviewer so they can remember you even after interviewing other candidates.
Remember to follow up after every interview, which should be done within 24 hours of an interview and it should be short and brief. If you follow this, you will likely achieve success in your virtual interviews.