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  • What is Wrong with your Hiring Process?

    why is your hiring process wrong and how can you fix it

    The hiring process has always been challenging, but it has become near impossible amidst a potential economic crisis and silent quitting. The pressure to hire the right candidate is now more than ever. However, the battle doesn’t end there. Once you’ve hired a rock star candidate who ticks all your boxes, you still need to retain them.

    All in all, the hiring process can be daunting and take a lot of time and resources. You need to understand the principle of the hiring process and its best practices.  Learn why your hiring approach is wrong and how you can fix it.

    1. Automation

    Hiring today is a mass operation. Most companies use tracking systems and automation tools to find and sort through the vast amounts of resumes and reduce the recruitment steps. It is taking out the human touch from the recruitment process flow. Although the recruitment process automation saves you thousands of dollars in resources and time, it robs the company of human perception. It’s easy to lose talented candidates in this mix. You need to start adding human touch into this part of the recruitment process flow to ensure you aren’t missing out on qualified candidates.

    2. Shifting Paradigm in the Hiring Process

    The power has shifted slightly, and now the hiree has more say than the employer. Gone are the days when employees were just another resource. Now it’s more about what the company has to offer to the candidates than the other way around. Positioning yourself correctly throughout the hiring process is crucial to attracting the right candidate. Understand why the candidate wants to work for you and reinforce their beliefs by aligning the company’s values with theirs. Let them see that you’re also willing to put in the work and meet them halfway.

    3. Culture Vs. Skills

    What do you think is more important in a hiring process? Traditional hiring practices dictate that candidates’ skills trump their values and belief system. Skills are something a person can develop with enough training. However, their core values remain constant. Owing to this, you must pay more attention to the candidate’s principles and morals. Even if they don’t tick all the boxes skill-wise, if their values align with the company’s mission, then you should consider hiring the candidate.

    4. Hiring is an Ongoing Process

    The hiring process doesn’t stop as soon you send out an offer letter. In fact, it is just the beginning. Most companies spend most of their resources on identifying and hiring the right candidate. But what about the after? As an industry, we must understand that hiring is an ongoing process that ends only when the candidate leaves the company. We need to realize and implement measures to retain the candidate successfully. From the interview process to onboarding employees, engaging the candidate in every step will ensure a smooth transition. It will help you maintain your most valuable assets.

    5. Outsourcing Recruitment

    It can take much work to stay on top of the trends. Discovering ways to recruit employees means understanding the recruitment process. On top of this, you need to ensure you’re providing an excellent candidate experience.  It seems like a lot, doesn’t it? Well, Merit Services has got you covered. We’re not only industry experts in hiring who stay current on all the best recruitment processes. We also understand our client’s needs and strive to find the right candidate. Find out how we can simplify your hiring process and help you achieve all your business objectives.


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