New Year Message by CEO Merit Services

With the advent of the #NewYear2021, Founder & CEO Merit Services and Merit Immigration, Mr. Mohammed Anwar delivers a message of a hopeful, resolute and clearsighted future, embracing change and moving forward.

Mr. Anwar reflected on the year 2020 and it’s challenges and achievements amidst the pandemic.

“We made it through this year. Our ship sailed through troubled waters. We survived the test of time! We overcame obstacles! We did it all together! Let’s welcome the year 2021 and continue to work together and achieve goals that carve a path to growth and prosperity. You trusted us to find the right career fit. Merit services promises to take care of your recruitment needs. Let’s embrace change and challenges. Let’s move forward.” said CEO Merit Services.

He emphasized on Merit Services’ workforce fulfillment, corporate and WHMIS training and development, and supporting services that make Merit Services a trusted name in the Industry.

Moving forward, he shared future aspirations of being determined on helping Canadians find their dream jobs with Merit Services.

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