Telecommunications Technician

Full Time posted 3 months ago

Job Description

INDUSTRY: Telecommunication


Merit Services is seeking a Telecommunications Technician to join our client’s dynamic team in Kamloops. As a telecommunications Technician, where your role will revolve around the maintenance and enhancement of communication systems. This position provides an opportunity to make valuable contributions towards improving the effectiveness and dependability of our telecommunications systems.


  • The role of a telecommunications Technician will entail the following duties:
  • Intelligently conduct the installation, upkeep, and fixing of telecommunications equipment and systems.
  • Carrying out regular inspections to maintain the stability and efficiency of the network.
  • Intelligently working with teams to identify and solve technical problems quickly.
  • Helping with the development and execution of innovative telecommunications strategies.
  • Intelligently paraphrasing the text: Capturing procedures, setups, and fixes for future reference and examination.


  • The perfect candidate will possess the following qualities.
  • A Telecommunications or related field associate degree or appropriate certification.
  • Demonstrated expertise in the installation and upkeep of telecommunications systems.
  • Proficiency in efficiently addressing and resolving technical issues.
  • Having a keen eye for detail and being skilled at working both collaboratively and autonomously.
  • Enhancing one’s ability to communicate effectively for the purpose of collaborating with various stakeholders.


  • We provide a comprehensive compensation package that includes competitive benefits and salary.
  • Health insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance coverage.
  • Continuous learning and professional development present numerous opportunities.
  • A workplace that cultivates a supportive atmosphere to promote innovation and development.
  • A salary that reflects the level of experience and expertise, in alignment with market competitiveness.