Condominium Concierge

Full Time posted 1 month ago

Job Description

INDUSTRY: Security

Merit Services is seeking a skilled condominium Concierge to join our client’s dynamic team in Vancouver. As a Condominium Concierge, your responsibility would be to deliver remarkable client assistance, safeguard the safety and protection of the inhabitants and their possessions, and assist in the seamless functioning of our condominium. If you possess a friendly demeanor and exhibit professionalism with a strong desire to enhance people’s lives in a positive manner, we extend an invitation to become part of our active workforce.


  • When encountering residents and visitors, it is advisable to display a welcoming and affable attitude, thus creating a favorable initial perception.
  • To ensure a safe atmosphere, it is important to supervise access points, authenticate identification, and manage building entry.
  • Be quick to address any resident inquiries, requests, or concerns with outstanding customer service and the ability to effectively resolve any issues.
  • Conduct regular surveillance of public spaces including corridors, reception, and parking lots with the objective of ensuring proper conduct and detecting any security or maintenance concerns.
  • Keep precise and comprehensive documentation of visitor entry, incoming deliveries, and past events as a reference for later.
  • Work together with the property management and maintenance personnel to tend to the needs of residents and maintain a seamless functioning of the condominium.
  • Observe surveillance and alarm systems, notifying authorities of any abnormal activities or security violations.
  • Help during critical instances such as evacuations and abide by established procedures to guarantee the well-being of occupants.


  • Having completed high school or possessing an equivalent certification.
  • Excellent people skills and communication abilities are essential for successful interaction with occupants, guests, and personnel.
  • Superb abilities in serving customers with a personable and amicable disposition.
  • Being capable of handling various tasks adeptly while giving priority to duties.
  • Excellent ability to tackle resident questions and settle conflicts through effective problem-solving techniques.
  • Proficiency in security protocols and contingency handling methods.
  • Prior knowledge of how the affairs and functioning of a condominium are conducted is desirable.
  • A competent understanding of computer programs utilized for organizing visitor logs and documenting incidents.


  • A salary that is determined by the candidate’s expertise and qualifications in relation to the competition.
  • A comprehensive package including healthcare and dental benefits.
  • A scheme for saving for one’s retirement, which includes contributions from the employer.
  • Compensated time off for recreational purposes and individual reasons.
  • Opportunities for enhancing skills and expertise through education and career advancement programs.
  • A positive and welcoming atmosphere for work.

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