A Journey Of Dreams And Success

TORONTO: His journey in Canada began as a refugee when he arrived here almost 15 years ago with a few dollars, but with a big dream in his heart.

Landing in Montreal with just $350 in his pocket, Mohammed Anwar had nowhere to go.

Holding a diploma in hospitality and speaking broken English, he went from door to door in search of work. He washed dishes, distributed flyers, and did everything possible to get that first `Canadian experience’.

Finally, his first breakthrough came in a hotel in Dorval when he told the hiring person that he was willing to work without pay. He was asked to show up the next day at 9 am and his work began with mopping of floors. Seeing his hard work, dedication and determination, he was soon hired as a houseman and a few months later promoted to assistant manager.

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Mohammed Anwar: A Canadian refugee’s journey of dreams and success

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