Best Hiring Practices – Do’s and Don’ts

best hiring practices

Finding the right candidate is expensive and time-consuming. Recruiters must apply the best hiring practices to increase the chances of better outcomes. In order to do so, talent acquisition managers need to establish a few sets of rules before, during and after the interview. From selecting to onboarding, every step is essential in the hiring process; recruiters need to streamline the process to find top talent.

Understanding the company’s needs and figuring out the right candidate who matches your needs can be complicated. Every individual has a unique approach to the hiring process, and every candidate needs to be approached differently. Subsequently, figuring out these aspects and developing a process will help you find the best candidate. Here are some best hiring practices you can implement in your hiring strategies.

Understanding your needs: Before you even begin to evaluate your hiring process know why you need this candidate and they factor into the company objectives. Think where the candidate will fall into your needs and tailor your content to fit those requirements.


From posting the ad to sending out the offer letter, ensure your strategies align with the candidate’s needs and expectations from day 1. Keeping the candidate well-informed on time throughout the hiring process is one of the most crucial hiring practices. Furthermore, your commitment towards the candidate will show your respect for their time and help you retain top talent.

Good Impression:

In recent years, candidates have become more discerning and vocal about their needs being met by the company. In particular, making a good impression is now limited to not only candidates but also companies. It is essential to reflect your brand or organization during interviews properly. You’re the face of the company in this scenario, and you need to present yourself accordingly.


Clearly define your goals and expectation to the candidate throughout the hiring process. In particular, this practice will help you develop transparent communication with the candidate. Ask the right questions and give definitive answers to positively impact the candidate’s belief.


Even though the journey ends for you here, it doesn’t necessarily have to complete for the candidate. They will still have to face several more interviews, irrespective of experience and position with your company. Be direct, tell them where they were going wrong and suggest the areas where they can improve. Your genuine feedback will help them improve and excel at their next opportunity.


Giving out an offer letter is only part of the hiring process. Onboarding is the most vital hiring practice. Did you know that 69% of employees are likelier to stay with the company for three years if they had a great onboarding? New hires need to experience planned initiations and organized orientation. Get involved in onboarding, show the candidates the ropes, and introduce them to their future team.

All things considered, the hiring process is complicated and lengthy, and implementing these hiring practices can help you find top talent with little effort. Merit Services is an expert staffing agency that understands the best hiring practices and executes them to help provide you with unique solutions.

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