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Being home to 75% of the mining companies in the world, Canada is a world leader in the industry. Moreover, the mining industry is transitioning from traditional to advanced, more autonomous methods. For an economic sector which is this important, the labor force demands are as high. This comes with the need for a more diverse workforce that can adapt well to the transition in the industry.

The Merit HR team has in-depth knowledge of the mining job market within Canada. Merit services has helped mitigate the staffing challenges that our clients in the mining sector have experienced by investing time in looking for suitable candidates. Based on the client’s needs, we have provided them with permanent, temporary, contract-based, part-time or full-time staff members. Our efforts for the clients have, in turn, improved employee retention rates for positions such as:

Example Roles:

– Confined Space Rescuers and Attendants 
– Underground Miners
– Health and Safety Managers and Representatives
– Lab Technicians
– Mine Planners
– Mill Managers 
– Blasters
– Drillers
– Electricians
– Heavy Equipment Operators

– Mine Geologists
– Mine Surveyors
– Metallurgists
– Rock Mechanics
– Environmental Specialists
– Supply Chain Managers
– Ventilation Specialists
– Waste Management Coordinators
– Mine Maintenance Supervisors
– Exploration Geologists and more…

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