Tug Master

Full Time Permanent posted 1 month ago

Job Description



Start an exhilarating maritime profession as a supervisor for Tug Masters in London, Ontario. Assume leadership, oversee towing activities, and motivate a team to ensure seamless maritime operations. Come and embark on an enriching adventure where you have the opportunity to guide, acquire knowledge, and develop.


  • Oversee tug operations to guarantee both safety and effectiveness.
  • Manage a group of tug masters, offering direction and promoting a collaborative work environment.
  • Provide supervision for the upkeep and fixing of tugboats in order to guarantee optimal efficiency.
  • Work together with other departments to ensure smooth port and vessel operations.
  • Make certain that maritime regulations and safety protocols are fully adhered to.


  • Highly experienced in marine operations, this individual is a certified expert as a Tug Master.
  • Exceptional abilities in guiding and effectively communicating with others in a leadership role.
  • Profound comprehension regarding the operations of tugboats and ensuring safety in maritime navigation.
  • The aptitude to make well-informed choices when faced with intense pressure.
  • Certifications and licenses related to maritime operations that are genuine and legally recognized.


  • Attractive remuneration with incentives based on performance.
  • There are chances to progress in one’s career and enhance skills.
  • A well-rounded benefits package that encompasses healthcare and retirement plans.
  • An interactive and cooperative work atmosphere.
  • Contribute significantly to the advancement and achievement of the maritime sector.