Supply Chain Manager

Full Time posted 2 months ago

Job Description

INDUSTRY: Manufacturing


Merit Services is seeking a Maintenance Mechanic to join our client’s dynamic team in Regina. As a Supply Chain Manager is responsible for managing the entire process of sourcing, procurement, production, and logistics, which involves planning, coordination, and execution. Don’t miss out on the thrilling chance to take charge of a lively team and enhance the efficiency of our organization’s operations.


    • Create and execute tactics aimed at maximizing the efficiency of the supply chain system to facilitate a smooth flow of products and materials.
    • Work with internal departments and outside partners to predict consumer demand, organize the timeline for production and control the amount of stock available.
    • Efficiently recognize and assess promising suppliers, engage in negotiations for contracts, and foster robust partnerships with vendors.
    • Observe and assess crucial metrics that indicate performance (KPIs) in order to pinpoint weak spots and execute corrective measures.
    • To remain ahead in the competition, it is crucial to constantly evaluate the latest progress in the market, industry, and technology and apply them to innovate and stay competitive.
    • Make sure to meet regulatory demands and maintain ethical sourcing principles.
    • Manage the entire process of logistics, encompassing elements such as transportation, storage, and delivery, to ensure that goods are delivered promptly and efficiently while keeping costs under control.
    • Effectively supervise and enhance a proficient supply chain team, offering direction, assistance, and nurturing a culture of teamwork and ongoing enhancement.


  • A degree in the field of supply chain management, logistics, or a related area, at a bachelor’s level, is required.
  • Demonstrated expertise in overseeing supply chain operations, with a preference for holding a managerial position.
  • A robust understanding of supply chain principles, procedures, and optimal approaches.
  • Highly skilled in utilizing software and tools for managing the supply chain.
  • Exceptional aptitude in analyzing and solving complex problems, leveraging data to arrive at informed decisions.
  • Developing adept communication and negotiation abilities is crucial in fostering solid connections with suppliers and colleagues within the organization.
  • Having the skillset to lead effectively and encourage and energize a group is an essential trait.
  • Being able to adjust to shifting priorities and perform well under pressure in a dynamic work setting.
  • Having a keen eye for detail and exceptional capabilities in organizing and managing time effectively.
  • A constant drive for betterment and a fervor for enhancing operational effectiveness.



  • The salary offered is dependent on the level of expertise and credentials of the candidate and is competitive.
  • A comprehensive benefits package that encompasses medical, dental, and vision coverage is on offer.
  • A scheme for savings towards retirement that includes contributions from the company.
  • Prospects for improving one’s skills and receiving formal instruction.
  • An inclusive and cooperative setting for working together.

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