Security Officer

Contract posted 3 weeks ago

Job Description

INDUSTRY: Security

Join the Merit Safeguard team as a Security Officer in Toronto and play a vital role in ensuring the safety and security of our clients, employees, and assets. As a Security Officer, you will be part of a dedicated team that fosters a secure environment and provides peace of mind to all stakeholders. This is an exciting opportunity to contribute to a safer community while building a fulfilling career in the security industry..


  • Monitor designated zones to discourage and identify potential security threats, prevent unpermitted entry, and observe any dubious actions.
  • Proactively observe and manage surveillance systems and alarms in order to swiftly react to any security breaches and urgent situations.
  • Deliver outstanding customer service by aiding guests, addressing questions, and providing assistance.
  • Ensure that security policies and procedures are followed diligently, maintaining a constant and vigilant presence to deter and avoid any potential incidents.
  • Perform comprehensive security inspections of the premises and equipment in order to ensure adherence and protection.
  • Create precise and succinct incident reports for any instances of breaches, accidents, or disturbances.
  • Work together with nearby law enforcement and emergency services as necessary.
  • Help with developing and executing security measures to tackle new risks.
  • Create a conducive and secure atmosphere by actively interacting with both employees and clients.


  • Having a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification is a requirement, and having additional training in security procedures is advantageous.
  • Demonstrated expertise as a Security Officer or in a similar security position.
  • Having excellent powers of observation and communication is vital in effectively dealing with security concerns.
  • The ability to effectively address difficult situations with both professionalism and empathy.
  • Skilled in fundamental computer programs and the operation of security devices.
  • An exceptional level of honesty and dedication to maintaining the utmost ethical principles.
  • It is desirable to possess a valid security license and first aid/CPR certification.
  • The capacity for physical fitness and being able to remain upright, move about, or conduct patrols for prolonged durations.



  • Attractive remuneration package for competition.
  • Extensive health and dental coverage provided.
  • A retirement savings plan that includes contributions from the employer.
  • Opportunities for progressing in one’s career and developing professionally.
  • Continual training and the enhancement of skills.
  • A work environment that fosters support and encourages collaboration.

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