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Job Description

INDUSTRY: Hospitality 

Seeking a Masterful Rotisserie in Concord! Are you a culinary virtuoso with a passion for meat preparation and cooking? Merit Services invites you to showcase your talent as a Rotisserie for one of our esteemed clients in Concord. Take charge of meticulously preparing and roasting a variety of meats to perfection, tantalizing the taste buds of our discerning customers.


  • Master the art of planning and expertly seasoning meats for simmering, infusing each dish with delectable flavors that leave a lasting impression.
  • Skillfully operate and maintain a range of equipment including rotisseries, stoves, and barbecues, ensuring optimal performance and consistently outstanding results.
  • Vigilantly monitor cooking times and temperatures, leaving no room for error to ensure that each meat dish reaches the perfect level of doneness and maintains exceptional quality.
  • Implement proper storage practices and meticulous labeling of meat products, ensuring freshness and facilitating efficient inventory management.
  • Collaborate seamlessly with fellow chefs and kitchen staff, fostering a cohesive and efficient team environment that enables timely meal preparation and impeccable service.
  • Uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and organization at your workstation, creating a pristine and conducive environment for culinary excellence.


  • Demonstrate a proven track record and relevant experience as a Rotisserie or in a similar role.
  • Possess comprehensive knowledge of various meat planning and cooking methods.
  • Thrive in a collaborative team environment.
  • Effectively communicate and working alongside fellow culinary professionals .
  • Exhibit impeccable attention to detail and precision, leaving no room for compromise when it comes to the quality and presentation of your culinary creations.
  • Showcase excellent time management and organizational skills, efficiently coordinating tasks and resources to ensure smooth operations and timely delivery of exquisite meat dishes.


  • Competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package.
  • Opportunities for career growth and professional development.
  • Dynamic and collaborative workplace culture.
  • Emphasis on work-life balance and employee wellness programs.

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