Resource Conservation Manager

Part Time posted 3 months ago

Job Description

INDUSTRY: Recycling

Merit Services is seeking a skilled Resource Conservation Manager to join our client’s dynamic team in Vancouver. As a Resource Conservation Manager, your duties will involve designing and executing plans aimed at maximizing resource efficiency, mitigating wastage, and encouraging eco-friendly habits. This position presents a stimulating and fulfilling workplace where you have the potential to make a meaningful difference in preserving natural resources and advance toward an eco-friendlier tomorrow.


  • Create and execute plans and initiatives that maximize the utilization of energy, water, materials, and various other resources within the company in order to promote resource conservation.
  • Perform inspections and evaluations to pinpoint instances of ineffective resource utilization and generation of unnecessary waste, and suggest approaches for enhancement.
  • Work together with diverse groups to establish and keep track of objectives, targets, and indicators related to the preservation of resources.
  • Spread knowledge and offer instruction to staff regarding sustainable methods, energy conservation, and minimizing waste.
  • Examine data and patterns related to utility usage to discover chances for saving energy and water, and put into effect actions to decrease consumption.
  • Stay abreast of new technologies, top practices in the industry, and regulatory mandates pertaining to the preservation of resources.
  • Forge alliances with suppliers, vendors, and contractors to guarantee sustainable procurement techniques while encouraging the adoption of ecologically conscious materials.
  • Keep an eye on and record the implementation of initiatives for conserving resources. This includes tracking the advancement towards objectives, savings in expenses, and impact on the environment.
  • Encourage interaction with those involved, such as staff, consumers, and the society, to promote an understanding and instill a way of thinking that values the preservation of resources.


  • Must possess a degree in Environmental Science, Engineering, Sustainability, or a closely related area to qualify. Having advanced degrees and certifications adds to one’s qualifications.
  • Demonstrated expertise in the preservation of resources, effective handling of energy, and similar job responsibilities.
  • Proficient comprehension of principles related to conserving resources, practicing sustainability, and complying with environmental regulations.
  • Having knowledge and experience of energy management systems and utilizing tools to track and examine the usage of resources.
  • Superb ability in analyzing and resolving issues to identify ineffective processes and suggest practical remedies.
  • Excellent abilities to communicate effectively and build relationships with individuals at all levels of the establishment in order to involve and instruct them.
  • Proficient skills in project management to effectively strategize, organize, and execute initiatives aimed at conserving resources.
  • Being capable of both independent work and teamwork in a group setting.
  • A strong inclination towards sustainable practices and a determination to facilitate transformations.


  • The compensation offered is competitive and will be based on the individual’s experience and qualifications.
  • Extensive coverage for both medical and dental services.
  • A retirement savings program where the company also contributes equally.
  • Opportunities for improving and expanding one’s expertise and understanding through professional development.
  • Creating an environment that promotes growth and innovation through collaboration and inclusivity.
  • One strategy for achieving a better balance between work and personal life is implementing employee assistance programs.
  • An opening to create a significant difference and support the preservation of resources and ecological durability.

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