Recycling Plant Supervisor

Full Time posted 4 months ago

Job Description

INDUSTRY: Recycling

Merit Services is seeking a skilled Recycling Plant Supervisor to join our client’s dynamic team in Regina. As the supervisor of a recycling plant, you will have a crucial responsibility in supervising the plant’s operations with a focus on efficiently and sustainably processing recyclable materials. In this role, you will work within a lively setting where you will have the opportunity to guide a team, enhance operational efficiency, and play a part in promoting sustainability for years to come.


  • Effectively manage the everyday functions of the recycling facility, encompassing the segregation and treatment of materials, as well as the upkeep of equipment and machinery.
  • Ensure that the plant operates efficiently by monitoring and improving its performance while complying with production goals, quality criteria, and safety regulations.
  • Take charge of a group of plant operators, offering mentorship, education, and assessments of their progress.
  • Work together with teams from different departments to create and execute plans for effective operations, enhance processes, and reduce unnecessary waste.
  • Make sure to adhere to rules related to environmental protection, safety precautions, and the guidelines set by the organization.
  • Ensure precise records and paperwork pertaining to the functioning of the factory are maintained, encompassing performance reports, inventory, and upkeep records.


  • Develop a nurturing environment in the workplace that values safety, collaboration, and ongoing progress.
  • Remain informed about the latest developments in recycling plant operations such as industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices.
  • Professional background.
  • Completion of secondary education or its equivalent. It is advantageous to possess supplementary technical certifications or undergo further training.
  • Demonstrated expertise in leading a team in a recycling or waste management facility.
  • An excellent understanding of the procedures, machinery, and precautions involved in recycling.
  • Great aptitude in managing teams and providing leadership, capable of encouraging and energizing a team of varying backgrounds.
  • Excellent aptitude in resolving and making effective decisions, endowed with precision and skill in scrutinizing information and executing remedies.
  • Smart paraphrase: The ability to communicate efficiently is essential for working with both internal teams and external stakeholders.
  • Thorough understanding and adeptness in operating computer applications and managing data systems.
  • Maintaining good physical well-being and possessing the capacity to excel in a challenging and high-speed work environment.


  • An attractive remuneration package that corresponds to one’s skills and expertise is being offered.
  • A retirement savings scheme in which the company matches the contributions made.
  • Improve your expertise and understanding through various means of professional development.
  • A work environment that encourages joint effort and inclusivity to promote growth and creative thinking.
  • Programs for employees that encourage a balance between work and life.
  • It is your chance to participate in reducing waste and protecting the environment.

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