Production Engineer

Full Time posted 2 months ago

Job Description

INDUSTRY: Manufacturing

Merit Services is seeking a Production Engineer to join our client’s dynamic team in Thunder Bay. As a Production Engineer, you’ll apply your technical know-how and advanced critical thinking abilities to evaluate production operations, detect opportunities for enhancement, and introduce inventive resolutions. This job provides an excellent chance to work together with different teams in improving operational processes, thereby contributing to the success of our manufacturing operations


    • Thoroughly examine the production procedures, pinpoint blockages, inadequacies and possibilities for enhancements through extensive analysis.
    • Develop and execute plans aimed at maximizing production efficiency, shortening cycle times, and boosting total output.
    • Work alongside teams from various departments such as operations, engineering, and quality to simplify procedures and stimulate ongoing enhancement.
    • Smartly identify and apply automation and technological solutions to improve productivity and minimize expenses in the manufacturing process.
    • Perform time studies and capacity analysis to guarantee efficient distribution and utilization of resources.
    • Make use of statistical techniques and data analytics to spot patterns, investigate the underlying causes and come up with effective solutions to enhance product quality and minimize issues.
    • Assess and decide on suitable manufacturing machinery, implements, and techniques that will improve the capacity for production.
    • Develop and execute designs for production setups that guarantee workstations are both ergonomic and efficient.
    • Offer assistance and direction to production crews, tackling process-related challenges and executing remedies.
    • Keep yourself informed about the latest developments and progressions in manufacturing procedures, advocating and applying the most effective procedures.


  • An undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering or a discipline closely related to it is required.
  • Demonstrated expertise in a position related to either manufacturing or production engineering.
  • Thorough understanding of the key tenets of lean manufacturing, techniques to enhance processes, and strategies for ongoing progression.
  • Expertise in utilizing tools and software to analyze data.
  • Having knowledge and practical experience in CAD/CAM software and simulation tools for production is advantageous.
  • Superb proficiency in identifying solutions and a knack for logical thinking.
  • Developing proficient communication abilities is crucial for collaborating with multifaceted teams, and effectively conveying research results and proposals.
  • Excellent ability in managing projects to guide and carry out initiatives of enhancing processes effectively.


  • The salary will be competitive and will be based on the individual’s experience and qualifications.
  • A wide-ranging package of benefits inclusive of medical, dental, and ocular coverage is being offered.
  • An enthusiasm plan for retirement funds comprising contributions from the employer.
  • Ways to enhance one’s skills and career advancement chances.
  • A work environment that promotes collaboration and inclusivity.
  • Programs aimed at acknowledging and rewarding employees.
  • Efforts to create a balance between work and personal life.

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