Marine Scientist

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Job Description


Merit Services is seeking a skilled Marine Scientist to join our client’s dynamic team in Saskatchewan. As a Marine Scientist Officer, your role will involve utilizing your scientific knowledge, practical skills in fieldwork, and analytical capabilities to investigate and safeguard the health of our oceans. This presents a thrilling chance to contribute to the preservation of marine life and the responsible upkeep of our oceans, making a valuable contribution to marine conservation.


  • Gather data about marine ecosystems, species, and habitats through field research using different sampling methods and equipment.
  • Examine gathered information and make contributions to scientific reports, research papers, and presentations.
  • Examine the effects of human actions, the changing climate, and pollution on marine ecosystems and devise strategies to counteract them.
  • Perform evaluations of biodiversity and oversee the well-being and population levels of marine species and habitats.
  • Work together with colleagues, academic institutions, and interested parties to share information and contribute to joint research endeavors.
  • Create and execute research methods and procedures to tackle various scientific inquiries or conservation problems.
  • Engage in oceanographic surveys, such as evaluating the state of water quality, collecting samples of plankton, and monitoring acoustics.
  • Use GIS and remote sensing technologies to create maps and analyze data related to the marine environment.
  • Keep yourself informed about the most recent breakthroughs and research discoveries in the area of marine science.
  • Promote awareness and enhance understanding of marine issues by sharing research findings at conferences, workshops, and public events


  • Master’s degree or a Ph. D A degree in Marine Science, Marine Biology, Oceanography, or a closely related area of study.
  • Profound expertise in carrying out marine research, ideally in a professional or educational environment.
  • Advanced understanding of marine ecosystems, the ability to distinguish between different species and expertise in various research techniques.
  • Proficiency in utilizing software for data analysis and applying statistical techniques.
  • I possess expertise in conducting fieldwork related to marine environments, involving activities such as SCUBA diving and conducting research from boats.
  • Great ability to effectively convey complex scientific ideas to different types of listeners through both written and spoken communication.
  • The ability to tackle problems effectively and think critically while paying close attention to details.
  • Can effectively contribute to a research team, whether working independently or collaboratively.
  • Having excellent abilities in organizing and managing time effectively to successfully meet project deadlines.
  • It is desirable to have knowledge and understanding of environmental regulations and marine conservation frameworks


  • Salary will be determined based on the candidate’s experience and qualifications, ensuring a competitive compensation.
  • An extensive package that includes health and dental benefits.
  • A retirement savings plan facilitated by an employer, wherein the employer makes contributions.
  • Compensated time away from work for both vacation and personal reasons.
  • Opportunities for enhancing professional skills and pursuing advanced research prospects.
  • A work environment that fosters collaboration and support.

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