Marine Ecologist

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Job Description


Merit Services is seeking a skilled Marine Ecologist to join our client’s dynamic team in Regina. As a Marine Ecologist, your role will involve utilizing your scientific knowledge, proficiency in fieldwork, and analytical acumen to investigate the relationships between marine organisms and their surrounding environment. This presents an exhilarating chance to create a favorable influence on marine conservation endeavors and support in the responsible administration of our marine assets.


  • Perform on-site investigations and gather information on marine organisms, environments, and ecological activities through the utilization of diverse sampling methods and equipment.
  • Examine the gathered information to evaluate the well-being and conditions of marine ecosystems, as well as pinpoint possible risks and chances for preservation.
  • Examine the effects of human actions, global warming, and pollution on marine environments, and create methods to reduce or counteract them.
  • Perform evaluations of biodiversity and observe the abundance, distribution, and behavior of marine organisms.
  • Engage in collaboration with fellow scientists, research establishments, and relevant parties to share expertise and participate in joint research initiatives.
  • Develop and execute research methodologies and protocols aimed at addressing particular scientific inquiries or conservation difficulties.
  • Use GIS and remote sensing technologies to create maps and study marine data.
  • Keep yourself informed about the newest scientific progress and research discoveries in the domain of marine ecology.
  • One approach to increasing awareness and comprehension of marine conservation concerns is to publicly share research discoveries at conferences, workshops, and other public events.


  • Do you want to pursue a Master’s degree or a Ph. D A smart paraphrase of the text could be: Successful candidates should possess a qualification in Marine Ecology, Marine Biology, or a correlated area of study.
  • Demonstrated expertise in performing marine ecological research, ideally within a professional or academic environment.
  • Extensive understanding of marine ecosystems, including the way species interact and ecological processes occur.
  • High level of skill in using data analysis software and statistical methods.
  • I have practical knowledge in marine research, including underwater diving and research conducted on boats.
  • Superb written and spoken communication abilities, capable of effectively conveying intricate scientific ideas to a wide range of listeners.
  • Strong problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities, coupled with a keen focus on details.
  • The capacity to function effectively both autonomously and cooperatively within a research group.
  • Well-developed abilities in organizing and managing time effectively in order to meet project deadlines.
  • Having knowledge of environmental regulations and marine conservation frameworks is desirable.


  • Attractive remuneration commensurate with one’s expertise and credentials.
  • A highly inclusive package covering health and dental benefits.
  • An employer-sponsored retirement savings plan with added contributions from the employer.
  • Compensated time off for rest and personal matters.
  • Opportunities to enhance professional growth and engage in further research endeavors.
  • A work environment that encourages collaboration and offers support.

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