Marine Aquarist

Full Time posted 2 months ago

Job Description


Merit Services is seeking a skilled Marine Aquarist to join our client’s dynamic team in St. John’s. As a Marine Aquarist, your responsibility will be to ensure the health and upkeep of marine creatures in our aquarium facility.


  • Take care of marine animals, such as fish, invertebrates, and corals, on a daily basis by providing necessary care and maintenance.
  • Monitor the well-being and actions of marine creatures whilst simultaneously upholding water quality criteria.
  • Design and serve tailored dietary plans to guarantee optimal nutrition for marine creatures.
  • Smartly manage regular tank care tasks such as maintaining cleanliness, conducting water replacements, and inspecting equipment.
  • Assist in creating engaging and authentic aquarium displays, enhancing the well-being of marine creatures.
  • Regularly evaluate the health status of individuals and administer suitable interventions as needed.
  • Assist our marine conservation team by collaborating on research and initiatives for the protection and reproduction of marine life.
  • Enhance visitors’ knowledge and involvement through the provision of relevant information regarding marine species, their environments, and conservation endeavors.
  • Engage in public outreach initiatives and educational activities in order to raise awareness about the importance of marine conservation.
  • Keep yourself informed about the most recent progressions in marine care and optimal methods.


  • A bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology, Aquaculture, or a similar discipline is required.
  • Demonstrated expertise in caring for marine animals, ideally in a public aquarium or research establishment.
  • Extensive understanding of marine creatures, including their behaviors and preferred habitats.
  • One must possess knowledge about the chemistry of water and filtration systems used in aquariums in order to comprehend the subject thoroughly.
  • The individual possesses exceptional abilities in observing and solving problems related to animal health.
  • The capability to function autonomously or collaboratively within a high-energy setting.
  • Outstanding ability to communicate effectively, engaging and educating a wide range of audiences.
  • An intense interest in safeguarding marine life and a dedication to ensuring the humane treatment of animals.
  • Having a scuba diving certification is advantageous.
  • Ready and open to working adaptable schedules, including weekends and holidays.


  • The remuneration will be determined by the candidate’s level of expertise and credentials in order to remain competitive.
  • A comprehensive package that encompasses healthcare and dental benefits.
  • A retirement savings scheme that includes contributions from the employer.
  • Compensation for time off and personal absence.
  • There are chances to enhance professional skills and acquire further knowledge in the field of marine biology and conservation.
  • An environment that fosters collaboration and enthusiasm.

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