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Job Description

INDUSTRY: Manufacturing

Merit Services is seeking a  Machinist to join our client’s dynamic team in Québec City. As a Machinist, your expertise in operating and programming various machine tools will enable you to produce high-quality parts and components. This role offers an exciting opportunity to work alongside cutting-edge technology, play an active role in our manufacturing processes, and carry significant responsibility in maintaining the efficiency and excellence of our production operations.


    • Employ a variety of mechanical equipment such as lathes, mills, and grinders to manufacture parts that meet engineering specifications.
    • Examine technical designs, schematics, and operational guidelines to pinpoint the required machining methods and their sequence.
    • Adjust the machine’s controls in order to achieve accurate measurements and meet the specified acceptance criteria.
    • Guarantee adherence to requirements by overseeing machining operations, implementing adjustments as necessary, and performing quality checks.
    • Perform routine maintenance and cleaning of equipment to ensure optimal efficiency and prolonged lifespan.
    • Collaborate with engineers and the production teams to enhance machining protocols while addressing any obstacles that may arise.
    • Continuously improve the techniques of machining while exploring strategies for maximizing efficiency.
    • Adhering to safety protocols and keeping the work area organized and orderly is crucial.


  • Acquiring a high school diploma or an equivalent certification is mandatory, and receiving technical education or apprenticeship in the machining industry is highly recommended.
  • An impressive history of efficiently functioning as a Machinist or in a similar role, with a particular inclination towards proficiency in a production environment.
  • Proficient in the operation and programming of various machinery such as lathes, milling machines, and grinding machines.
  • Extensive skill in the basics of machining, characteristics of tools, and knowledge of a variety of materials.
  • The proficiency to comprehend technical schematics and employ precise measuring instruments.
  • Having advanced expertise in CNC programming and operation can provide benefits.
  • The person displays remarkable accuracy and has a flair for maintaining exceedingly high standards of quality.
  • High aptitude for addressing issues and managing challenges.
  • Possessing proficiency in collaborating with others and working autonomously is a valuable set of abilities.



  • The salary provided will vary based on an individual’s skill set and level of experience in relation to what is customary in the industry.
  • A comprehensive selection of perks for workers that encompasses medical insurance, dental treatment, and vision safeguarding measures.
  • An employer-based retirement savings program that includes contributions from the employer.
  • Opportunities for skill improvement and advancement.
  • A workplace environment that is both secure and inviting.
  • Efforts of employees are acknowledged and appreciated through programs that recognize their contributions and achievements.
  • Initiatives aimed at achieving a balance between one’s work and personal life.

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