Licensed Practical Nurse

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Job Description


Applies critical thinking and clinical judgement in health assessments and throughout nursing process
Assists physician with procedures, where required
Contributes in the development of nursing care plans
Provides direct patient care by following nursing care plans and protocols
Accepts, transcribes and initiates physician orders (e.g., telephone orders, accompanying physician on rounds)
Observes, reports and records physical and psychological observations/changes in patient condition
Assists with/provides personal hygiene to clients/patients/residents
Collects specimens (e.g., urine, stool and sputum, swabs for antibiotic-resistant organisms [ARO]) and transports to lab
Ensures proper nutrition and hydration (e.g., assist/feed, nasogastric, gastrostomy)
Provides respiratory and airway care (e.g., tracheostomy, suctioning, oxygen therapy, chest percussion, ventilator)
Provides pre- and post-operative care (e.g., preparation for surgery, dressing changes, removing sutures/clips/staples, cast care)
Provides interventional and therapeutic treatments, where required (e.g., wound care, nasogastric catheters, traction, non-stress testing, fetal monitoring, dialysis)
Coordinates activities of other staff/departments/facilities in providing tests/care
Provides bowel and bladder care (e.g., enemas, suppositories, catheters, colostomies)
Maintains asepsis of all equipment and surroundings
Assists with mobility and/or transfers of clients/patients/residents
Monitors blood glucose and takes appropriate action
Provides care and maintenance of Central Lines, Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) lines and portacaths (e.g., give blood and blood products), where required
Monitors, interprets and records vital signs (e.g., blood pressure, temperature, pulse, respirations, oxygen saturations, attaches cardiac monitors and telemetry devices)
Supports/assists clients/patients/residents in meeting their spiritual needs
Promotes the emotional well-being of clients/patients/residents, monitors and manages their behaviour as outlined by care plans
Promotes good communication with clients/patients/residents and their support system
Performs post-mortem care (e.g., pronouncement of death)
May perform phlebotomy, where required.

Medication Administration

Administers and records medications (e.g., oral, subcutaneous, pulmonary, rectal, intramuscular)
Initiates, administers and maintains intravenous therapy (e.g., flow rate, site integrity)
Pre-loads dosettes, where required
Ensures accurate accounting of narcotics (e.g., counting, recording)

Indirect Patient Care

Completes admission/transfer/discharge forms
Records information in clients/patients/residents chart
Participates in shift report
Informs care team of clients/patients/residents current status
Makes beds, empties hampers, re-stocks supplies, cleans equipment and tidies room
Completes transfer/lift/repositioning assessment and posts appropriate logos
Assists/porters clients/patient/residents to activities, appointments, outings, where required by the job.

Education and Evaluation

Provides client/patient/resident education (e.g., diabetic care, colostomy care, palliative, self-catheterization, post-natal care)
Provides pre-operative and post-operative education
Explains and reassures clients/patients/residents/families of procedures/equipment
Provides occasional guidance to the primary function of others, including training

Related Key Work Activities

Orders/receives medication from Pharmacy
Maintains inventory and supplies (e.g., code carts)
Performs data entry, where required by the job
Cleans instruments, makes bundles and autoclaves (e.g., suture/dressing sets), where required by the job.
Notifies maintenance of required repairs to equipment
Participates in Quality Improvement programs as required by local protocols
Answers phones, takes messages, photocopies/faxes physician orders and reports, as necessary
Communicates and participates in emergent situations as per protocols (e.g., code blue, code white, death, fire, disaster).


  • Practical Nursing diploma Licensed with Saskatchewan Association of Licensed Practical Nurses Previous managerial experience in long-term care preferred.
    Experience dealing with the cognitively impaired.
    Comprehensive knowledge of nursing and health care practices, as well as Knowledge in Infection Control Practices.
    Demonstrated commitment to working with seniors.
    Ability to work effectively individually and with others while prioritizing tasks to handle the most urgent first.
    Ability to present information clearly and effectively both verbally whether in person or over the phone, and in writing; an active listener who projects a friendly demeanor.
    Ability to collect and use information to thoroughly think through problems and situations; puts information from various sources together to see the ‘big picture’ and generate creative solutions.
    Organizational, planning, time management and multi-tasking skills.
    Basic computer skills
    Interpersonal, organizational and communication skills
    Ability to work independently and as a member of a multi-disciplinary team
    Valid driver’s license, where required by the job
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