Lean Manufacturing Specialist

Contract posted 1 month ago

Job Description

INDUSTRY: Manufacturing

Merit Services is seeking a Lean Manufacturing Specialist to join our client’s dynamic team in Thunder Bay. As an expert in Lean Manufacturing, your primary role will be to implement Lean strategies, locate ineffective procedures, and spearhead efforts to increase efficiency, improve quality, and reduce costs.


    • Integrate efficient manufacturing techniques, such as Six Sigma, Kaizen, and 5S, to enhance workflow and eradicate any unnecessary expenditures.
    • Carry out a meticulous examination of the process in order to detect opportunities for enhancement and create effective strategies that will boost efficiency, diminish the amount of time required and maximize output.
    • Work together with teams from different areas of expertise to determine the underlying reasons for any problems in production and put measures in place to address them.
    • Provide training and guidance for workers regarding the principles and techniques of efficient manufacturing, in order to establish a work environment that prioritizes ongoing enhancement.
    • Keep an eye on important metrics to monitor advancement and guarantee achievement of performance objectives.
    • Lead the integration of uniform procedures, visual aids for management and monitoring, and mechanisms for ensuring quality control.
    • Work together with suppliers and stakeholders to enhance the efficiency of the supply chain and decrease inventory quantities.
    • Engage in the development of novel products to guarantee that the principles of efficiency are incorporated into the procedures of both designing and producing.
    • Keep up-to-date with the latest trends and optimal strategies for lean manufacturing in order to stimulate creativity and sustain competitiveness in the industry.


  • An undergraduate degree in engineering, industrial engineering, or a closely related field is required.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in lean production, enhancing processes, or achieving optimal performance.
  • A comprehensive understanding of lean principles, methodologies, and tools.
  • I have knowledge and expertise in actualizing lean projects and fostering a shift in culture in a setting that involves production and manufacturing.
  • Adeptness in utilizing software and tools related to streamlined manufacturing processes.
  • Remarkable abilities in analyzing and solving complex problems.
  • Effective teamwork with diverse teams requires excellent communication and interpersonal abilities.
  • The capacity to oversee and prioritize various projects, coupled with strong leadership abilities in project management.
  • Having a constant urge to improve and a strong desire to ensure high efficiency in operations.



  • A salary that is commensurate with a person’s skills and expertise, compared to others in the job market.
  • A thorough bundle of advantages that includes medical, oral, and optical protection.
  • A scheme for saving money for retirement that involves contributions from the employer.
  • Ways to advance and enhance one’s career through learning and skill-building experiences.
  • A work environment that is supportive and accepting.
  • Programs are designed to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts and contributions of employees.

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