Fire Safety Officer

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Job Description

INDUSTRY: Security


Apply for the Fire Safety Officer position with Merit Safeguard in Calgary, Alberta, and contribute significantly to the improvement of our clients’ facilities’ safety. As a committed professional, your responsibility will be to guarantee adherence to fire safety regulations and establish a safe atmosphere where both employees and visitors can flourish.


  • Perform inspections and evaluations to ensure fire safety measures are in place.
  • Ensure constant surveillance of fire prevention systems and equipment.
  • Create and execute fire safety strategies and procedures.
  • Train employees on protocols for fire safety and procedures for emergency evacuations.
  • Conduct regular inspections and upkeep of fire extinguishers and alarms.
  • Work alongside local government officials and fire departments.
  • Conduct thorough examinations of fire cases and compile comprehensive reports.
  • Engage in fire emergency drills and training exercises.
  • Stay informed about the latest fire safety regulations and codes.
  • Encourage the establishment of a safety-oriented environment concerning fire prevention and preparedness within the organization.


  • Certified Fire Safety Officer possessing appropriate training.
  • Demonstrated expertise in maintaining and preventing fire-related hazards.
  • Understanding of the rules and regulations pertaining to fire safety within a specific area.
  • Effective communication and excellent interpersonal abilities.
  • Being meticulous and possessing a critical mindset.
  • The capability to stay composed and take charge during critical circumstances.
  • Having first aid and CPR certification is advantageous.
  • Being physically fit and capable of lifting and transporting equipment.
  • A driver’s license that is legitimate and transportation that is dependable.



  • Attractive remuneration commensurate with one’s background and qualifications.
  • Extensive coverage for health and dental services.
  • A retirement savings arrangement that includes contributions from the employer.
  • Possibilities to improve one’s professional skills and progress in one’s career.
  • A work environment that fosters cooperation and support.

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