Construction Supervisor

Full Time posted 1 month ago

Job Description


‣ Execute projects on schedule, budget, quality, and safely

‣ Direct the daily fieldwork to ensure compliance with specifications and drawings

‣ Manage the field labor pool and associated equipment, subcontractors, and supplies to ensure project execution meetings and project schedule

‣ Direct onsite health and safety. Mentor site staff to ensure the maintenance of a safe culture

‣ Assist in the recruitment of competent field resources as necessary working with the project manager

‣ Manage Heavy Equipment, Vehicles, and Manpower Resources on site

‣ Ensure that required operating staff training and H&S compliance is completed

‣ Actively participate in the cultivation of onsite health and safety culture, leading by example

‣ Actively participate in Operations Meetings, and led morning tailgate meetings

‣ Review and make recommendations on near misses and incidents

‣ Conduct site inspections showing health and safety leadership

‣ Assist in hazard identification

‣ Ensure pre-job requirements such as locates, licensing, permits, etc. are in place

‣ Ensure subcontractor prequalification is on file

‣ Manage the manpower, equipment, tools, and materials necessary to support the project schedule

‣ Review plans and specifications to ensure the work being performed meets project requirements


‣ Minimum of 3 years experience as a supervisor in a civil or environmental construction environment

‣ Remediation background is an asset

‣ Demonstrated commitment to H&S and the cultivation of a safe environment

‣ Demonstrated leadership abilities, able to lead field resources including laborers, operators, technicians, etc.

‣ Ability to effectively communicate in both written and verbal format

‣ Ability to work in a team environment with other Project Managers, Engineers, and Superintendents • Organizational skills

‣ Ability to work under pressure while maintaining a controlled demeanor

‣ Problem Solving Skills

‣ Read and understand drawings, contract plans, and specifications

‣ Ability to multi-task

‣ Ontario environmental and labor legislation, standards, and guidelines

‣ Extensive experience reading and interpreting specifications and drawings for large civil construction projects

‣ Extensive knowledge of regional construction practices

‣ Proficient computer skills

‣ 10-12 hour days during construction season

‣ Work outdoors in adverse conditions at times