Construction Security Officer

Full Time posted 2 months ago

Job Description

INDUSTRY: Security

Merit Services is seeking a skilled Construction Security Officer to join our client’s dynamic team in Fredericton. As a Parking Security Officer, your duties entail the implementation and upkeep of robust security protocols, safeguarding valuable assets, and creating a secure working space for staff involved in construction activities. If you possess a proactive approach towards work, a keen sense of responsibility, and are driven by a love for safeguarding, we warmly welcome you to join our committed team.


  • Frequently monitor construction sites to prevent burglary, sabotage, and unapproved entry.
  • To maintain site security and restrict unauthorized access, it is crucial to monitor access points, authenticate credentials, and regulate entry of only authorized personnel.
  • Perform thorough examinations on equipment, tools, and materials for the purpose of exposing and reporting any potential dangers or violations to security.
  • React quickly to security occurrences, crises, or alerts by implementing suitable measures to lessen the threat and uphold security.
  • Implement security procedures and regulations to ensure adherence and avoid any probable risks.
  • Engage in partnership with site management, contractors, and subcontractors to identify security issues and apply well-organized remedies.
  • Ensure precise records and logs are kept regarding security incidents, daily undertakings, and visitor entrance to allow for future referencing.


  • Educational qualification is equivalent to a high school diploma.
  • A legitimate license for security guards authorized by the relevant governing organization.
  • To detect any possible security threats or doubtful actions, one must possess proficient observation abilities and a sharp eye for detail.
  • Effective interaction with stakeholders and site personnel is achieved through proficient verbal and written communication abilities.
  • The capacity to maintain a composed and unruffled demeanor in critical situations and promptly make informed decisions as needed.
  • It is desirable for individuals to have expertise in the safety protocols of construction sites and experience in the functioning of such sites.
  • Having a certification in First Aid and CPR provides an advantage.
  • Being adaptable to different schedules is essential as construction projects typically necessitate round-the-clock security coverage, which may involve working evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays.


  • The remuneration package is commensurate with one’s skills, knowledge, and expertise in comparison to other competitors in the market.
  • An all-inclusive package containing a broad range of health and dental benefits.
  • A retirement savings plan that involves contributions from the employer.
  • Paid time off for vacations and personal reasons.
  • Opportunities for enhancing skills and knowledge through training and career advancement.

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