Cloud Architect

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Job Description



Merit Services is seeking Cloud Architect to join our client’s dynamic team in Kelowna. As a Cloud Architect, your role will involve working closely with teams from different departments to design and implement cloud architectures that are both scalable and secure for our business requirements. This presents an exciting chance for you to utilize your knowledge in cloud technologies, design of architectures, and project management in order to drive digital transformation and boost the flexibility and scalability of our organization.



  • Develop and execute cloud frameworks that are in sync with business objectives and optimize the advantages provided by cloud computing.
  • Work together with stakeholders to gain insight into business needs and create cloud plans that promote efficient spending, scalability, and protection.
  • Assess and suggest suitable cloud platforms and services that align with the specific requirements of a business, conform to the established standards of the industry, and consider the latest emerging trends.
  • Create plans for transferring data to the cloud, which involve analyzing the current infrastructure, evaluating the interdependencies of applications, and devising strategies for the migration process.
  • Design architectural diagrams, documentation, and guidelines to guarantee the uniform implementation and upkeep of cloud solutions.
  • Intelligently clarify and ensure adherence to cloud security measures, regulations, and guidelines pertaining to access controls and compliance prerequisites.
  • Work together with development teams to guarantee that the cloud infrastructure effectively facilitates the deployment and expansion of applications.
  • Keep track of how well the cloud infrastructure is performing, its cost, and reliability. Make necessary adjustments and enhancements to ensure optimal performance.
  • Keep yourself informed about the latest trends, certifications, and advancements in cloud technologies, and make suggestions for ongoing enhancement.



  • A degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a closely related area at the undergraduate level.
  • Demonstrated expertise in working as a Cloud Architect or a similar position, constructing and executing cloud-centric solutions.
  • Extensive familiarity with cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, coupled with practical expertise in creating and implementing cloud infrastructure.
  • Profound knowledge of cloud architecture patterns, microservices, and the technologies used for containerization such as Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Advanced knowledge of infrastructure as code (IaC) tools and frameworks such as Terraform and CloudFormation, gained through practical experience.
  • A good understanding of networking principles, security protocols, and optimal practices in cloud settings is essential.
  • Excellent ability to efficiently manage multiple projects at the same time and successfully meet deadlines and budget requirements.
  • Impressive abilities in effectively communicating technical concepts to individuals without technical backgrounds, coupled with strong communication and collaboration skills..


  • The salary will be competitive, taking into account your experience and qualifications.
  • An extensive package of health and dental benefits is provided.
  • A retirement savings plan offering contributions from an employer.
  • Paid vacation and personal leave are both forms of time off that are compensated.
  • Opportunities to enhance one’s professional skills and advance in one’s career within the organization.
  • An atmosphere that promotes teamwork and actively involves everyone.

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