Background Check

Merit Services provides professional background checks with relevant details of potential employee’s history. With evolving labor market, it’s become more important than ever to conduct in-depth background checks.

We verify the accuracy of each and every detail provided by the candidate so that hire with confidence. You can request any or all of the following services as required for the specific job title:

1. Criminal Background Checks

2. Employment Background Checks

3. Education History Verification Check

4. Credit Verification Check

5. Driving Record Check

6. Social Media Background Check

And More…

Hire With Merit

Tips for Employers

There are many advantages to outsourcing HR tasks such as our increased focus on strategy, improved compliance and accuracy, and a chance to leverage technology to streamline tasks and costs. 

When providing a position you need filled, ensure your job position, details and all requirements are accurate. With accurate information we can provide you someone precisely to your needs.

If you are building a team, ensure you have some company goals and a plan for how to get there. When we know what your plan is and how you’d like to get there, our HR team can ensure we keep that in mind.

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