Merit Services takes care of the multiple levels of procedures involved in hiring in the Mining industry.

We make the extraction of naturally occurring minerals easy for you. With Merit’s workforce, you get better and faster results. We keep up with the technological advancements so as to give you industry-standard solutions. Mining is as vast as any other industry, consisting of a plethora of jobs. Various different jobs collectively contribute to the development and growth of mining.

Merit can provide you workforce for extracting, processing, finding, and designing equipment involving minerals. We provide temporary and permanent staff just as per the requirement.


We provide industry-ready solutions for numerous jobs including:

Confined Space Rescuer and Attendants, Underground Miners, Health and Safety Manager and Representatives, Lab Technicians, Mine Planners, Mill Managers, Chemist (Analyzing mineral particles), Geological Engineer, Security Officer, Heavy Equipment Operator, Mining Supervisor, Environmental Consultant, Driller, Mining Electrician, Concrete Laborer, Mine Safety Manager, Project Engineer, Geologist, Mine Surveyor, Mining Engineer and many more.

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