About Us

Who We Are ?

Merit Services is a recognized leader in providing professional staffing that works for employers and job seekers.
At Merit Services, we offer a full range of talent recruitment options for employers who have fulltime, part-time, temp-to-hire, short or long-term staffing needs. Whether it is a special project, a peak business time or a business transition, Merit Services ensures the best professional staffing solution is in place quickly and efficiently.
Customized, reliable and flexible talent recruitment options are complemented by Merit Services human resource support services that include payroll and provision of legislated training. The Merit Services approach makes it easy to fill any staffing gap so that clients can focus on what is most important – their business success.

Our Services consist of:

  • Recruitment
  • Payroll
  • Consultation and Business Development


To be the company of choice of our clients, job seekers and employers by fostering a climate where our candidate’s talents are united with opportunities.



To enrich the lives of our people (Staff, candidates and clients) by being the very best at what we do.

As Merit Services Ltd. was established in 2012, it wasn’t until 2014 that we opened our first office in the heart of Scarborough. What transpired as an entrepreneurial step, was also compounded by months of designing and redesigning processes to align with market-based trends and to provide competitive solutions in the dynamic workforce of today. By reaching our first milestone, we didn’t stop there. In 2016 we opened our second office in Mississauga and by 2017 we had our third office in the city of Vaughan.

Now, as a growing team of professionals, we are dedicated to expanding our services nationally across Canada, to provide the same level of partnership and innovation in the Canadian Prairies and Maritimes.

In the age of competition and differentiation, what makes us stand out? It is our dedication and involvement within the Canadian landscape to evaluate the current trends and give back to our communities strategically and socially, producing high performing talent and organizations. As an individually owned and operated company, we are better positioned to facilitate a personalized and on-going partnership for on-going organizational change and transformation.

We recognize that change is not simply a single business transaction, but an on-going effort to improve.

In order to provide you with updates on exclusive trends in HR practices and to stay in-line with regulatory and legislative changes within the workforce, we continue to educate ourselves through our involvement. We are:

A member of the Association of Canadian Search, Employment and Staffing Services

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A registered member with the Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB)

Affiliated with the Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS)

In addition, we believe in investing within the very community that has provided us with the ability and foundation to contribute to future development.

We have contributed to the Amar Karma: 4th Annual Give a Heart event

Sponsored Canada Day Gathering and Celebration 2018

Partnered up with HR Students to enhance their understanding in the HR discipline through Internships and Co-op credits